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Frédéric Sofia

Frédéric Sofia

Frédéric Sofia was born in Lyon, France in 1967. In 1988 he graduated in mechanical engineering at the University of technology. Following he studied marketing and management, graduating in 1991. He is a self-taught designer fascinated by and passionately interested in creation. It was in 1992, in the course of a one-year trip to Australia, that he found his vocation as an industrial designer. The history of Frédéric Sofia is more than anything the history of an autodidact that made his passion and interest of design his job. His love is directed to the transformation of the models of contemporaneous design. Frédéric Sofia’s inspiration comes from the most different places: he works on simple and economizing constructions and he plays with signs and symbols that are part of a collective mind. Frédéric Sofia is especially influenced by the playful and practical approach of great designers and constructors. Therefore technology is a way of expression for him because it finally melts with the soul of the object.