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Meritalia is an idea, which became a productive and commercial reality in 1987. Its strength is aserious commitment to satisfy the highest needs of demanding clients who are able to recognize in Meritalia products the quality, the reliability, the value, the skill and the originality of an idea. Meritalia’s philosophy is to assist the client in every aspect of his requirements. This philosophy has been applied to the development and expansion of other branches of production such as upholstery furniture, metal works, lighting, wood furniture, marble and Residential Division. Forty-five years of work at the highest levels have enabled Giulio Meroni to develop his own personal manufacturing philosophy. The secret of our firm’s success comes from his determination to melt in every single piece of furniture creativity and manufacturing together with the demands of the end user. The factory is rightly proud of having as collaborators some prestigious designer, afterwards all Meritalia’s team represents a successful way to improve all over again the quality of production. This is just what Giulio Meroni wanted Meritalia to be: a firm which not only produces furniture, but aims to put interior design ideas into practice. This know-how is the outcome of years of intensive and deeply-involved activity, resulting from day to day activity, spent directly in the factory. His personal contact with the craftsmen and the machinery, together with long and profitable travels and fairs attended all over the world, had given Mr. Meroni the chance to see the markets of all five continents. With the experience he has accumulated, this reality fully understands which problems need to be solved for a product that aims to be truly valid and how to satisfy the demands of international customers. Meritalia heads an organization active in furniture and project management. Meritalia’s reputation for high standards of quality, and its respect for deadlines, have attracted the most prestigious Clients. Clients have the great advantage of talking with a single partner able to organize the development of a project and satisfy all their requirements. These activities are managed by different companies of the group which have their specific field of production that, thanks to highly equipped and specialized factories, can be carried out with the highest degrees of accuracy and quality.